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Our Guide For Membership

PRO's membership guidelines allow for only one person from each professional classification or specialty, with all our members representing only one primary occupation. Membership is not transferable to another person , business or club.

If a member representing a particular profession leaves the group, another person from that profession may join.

By limiting our membership, we can provide our members with unparalleled assurance that they will not be competing among one another for similar referrals.

We provide an opportunity at every meeting for our members to introduce themselves and describe their businesses.
Member Requirements

To maximize the possibilities available through sustained networking, we hold weekly meetings and ask that our members participate actively.

If members are unable to attend any scheduled meeting, a substitute may attend. If a member cannot attend or send a substitute, a PRO officer or member of the Membership Committee needs to be informed. If a member misses three consecutive meetings in a quarter and fails to inform a PRO representative, that member will be dropped from the membership rolls. A new business professional from that business category will be asked to join. Membership is NOT transferable.
Member Dues and Fees

Dues are $60 per quarter and must be paid by the first of the following months, January, April, July and October.
If quarterly dues are not paid within the above time frame, a $10.00 late fee will be assessed. The member will be dropped from the PRO web site if not paid within 30 days.  Once dropped a member will need to pay the membership fee again to be reinstated.
Initiation fee is $200.

Membership is not transferable from club to club .

No refunds or prorating.

Guests or prospective members are allowed to attend one meeting at no charge.

Go PRO Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Shaking hands, and gentlemen's agreement was a way of sealing a deal without cumbersome paperwork and the expense of having a lawyer draw up a formal contract. In those tender days of yore, a man's (person's) word was sacred, and could be relied on.

Go PRO’s Ethical Agreement

Joining PRO implies acceptance of the following code of business conduct and ethics. This Code applies to ALL members.

The foundation from which PRO members conduct business is built on integrity and a commitment to the highest ethical standards. All PRO members will conduct business in strict conformity with all applicable laws and a commitment to the highest ethical standards. All PRO members will abide by the policies stated in this document in all dealings with their customers, suppliers, all third parties doing business or interacting with their companies and with their fellow employees.

Go PRO’s General Standards of Conduct

PRO expects its members to abide by these general standards when conducting business with other PRO members:
Honesty – Be completely honest and refrain from engaging in any manipulation, concealment, deception or misrepresentation of any kind.
Integrity – Do what is right and ethical, and deliver what has been promised.
Respect and Equality – Treat everyone with dignity and refrain from engaging in or tolerating harassment or discrimination of any kind, especially any based on race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability and veteran or marital status.
Compliance with Laws – Comply fully with all applicable laws and governmental rules and regulations.
Fair Dealing – Deal fairly with all PRO members and anyone else doing business or engaged in some manner with Go PRO.
Go PRO’s Commitment to Quality

PRO utilizes an ethics committee to settle any disruptions that may arise in the event that a PRO member performs unacceptable work. It is imperative that anyone who gives a lead and discovers that the business transaction was not satisfactorily handled must report this information to the Executive Director, who will then review it and pass it along for investigation if warranted.
Go PRO’s Protection Promise

Members of PRO agree to protect PRO property. This involves a commitment to protect the assets and property of PRO, including its member e mail addresses, personal information and any information shared during meetings.

From time to time pictures and video are taken at the meetings, it shall be understood by all members that Go Pro has the permission of it's members to publish these images on our web site or used in publications to promote our organization.

These images will be use for no other purpose.


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I have been a member of

Go PRO since 2008. I came into the group with my focus on establishing trust and building relationships. Good things take time to develop and it took me almost a year before I was endorsed by a fellow member to a client. GoPRO has and will continue to be a staple of my practice.

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