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Professional Referral Organization (PRO) is a
business networking group exclusively for business
professionals who want to grow their business and
increase awareness through the exchange of ideas
and referrals with other professionals.

Our focus creates networking opportunities to help
our members strengthen relationships that promote
a flourishing business climate in our communities.

Increase the value of your network through new contacts.
Grow your business through personal outreach.
Generate referrals for your business or organization.
Strengthen your networking skills and client base.


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My wife began seeing a new dental group. First visit: 1+ hours of waiting. 20 minute appointment which included setting up a 2nd  appointment. Again, 1+ hours of waiting. Deep cleaning then scheduling for four root canals on front teeth. Around $4,500. 3rd appointment. I went along for the ride and made sure my wife took full “cranial” x-rays from a specialist from about a year ago. Again 1+ hour wait before I had to leave. Took her another ½ hour to be seen. Once the x-rays were looked at a new schedule to have the teeth removed and an appliance made…. Over $3,000. (See the rest of what Don had to say in Tesimonials)