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Welcome Prospective Member, if you are interested in joining GOPRO, please read the following Membership Guidelines and Fees.
Then select the appropriate button at the bottom:
Membership Guidelines:
Membership is open to one only representative from each professional classification or specialty. No two members will have the same profession.
Members may only represent one occupation or professional classification.
Attendance and participation by members is critical to the on-going success of our group. If you cannot attend a meeting, you may send a substitute. If you cannot attend or send a substitute, please call a GOPRO Officer or a member of the Membership Committee. If three consecutive meetings in a quarter are missed without informing a GOPRO representative, that member will be dropped from GOPRO membership, and a new business professional from that business category may be asked to join.
Regardless of professional classification or specialty, guests are welcome to attend one meeting.
Those interested in GOPRO membership are encouraged to complete the following prospective member registration page and the Membership Committee will review and vote on your request. This will avoid any potential conflicts with active members.
If a member representing a particular profession leaves the group, another person from that profession may join. Membership is NOT transferable.
A one-time registration fee of $200
Dues are $60 per quarter
Dues must be paid by the first meetings in January, April, July and October or there will be a $10 late fee.
No refunds or proration will be given.
Guests or prospective members are allowed to attend one meeting at no charge.




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I have been a member of

Go PRO since 2008. I came into the group with my focus on establishing trust and building relationships. Good things take time to develop and it took me almost a year before I was endorsed by a fellow member to a client. GoPRO has and will continue to be a staple of my practice.

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